Pollution in the smell of coffee

Do you like coffee? How do you like it the most? Espresso, with milk, with some drops of rum… It is one o the most popular drinks in the world (only water and Coca-Cola have more followers) and around 400 million liters per day are drunk in the world. But it is not a surprise to be honest, bars and cafes surround us, and there are people everywhere having a cup of coffee.

Not only bars, also at home most people prepare a coffee every morning. The way it is prepared changed during its history and now market is revolutionized by the new model with some robotic aspect. Having put the conventional packages behind them, this new model uses a new way of preparing coffee and so they started to use individual capsules for each cup (with many different tastes and styles). But this revolutionary coffee machine has now an enemy: the German city of Hamburg.

Hamburg has become the first city to declare war against these little and at first sight harmless capsules. Governmental institutions are not allowed to use this system because “They are highly polluting and damage the environment, so they cannot be paid with money from our citizens” explains Jan Dube, spokesman from the Department of the Environment and Energy of Hamburg.

The capsules are made of different kinds of plastic and aluminum (very polluting and too hard to recycle) and the number of them used only in one year can encircle our planet even 12 times! It is really interesting how sometimes a simple daily action can help to make our world better. We have become modern and sophisticated but at one point we do need to say “stop” and think about the consequences and what these little things do on the level of ecology and the environment.