“Door to door”, new system of household waste collection in the City of Opatija

12900960_10209077189264198_5088966347528335663_oOn Thursday, March 24th, 2013, residents of neighbourhood Falalelići were positivily surprised by Komunalac. Namely, in front of each house two bins of the colour violet and grey appeared instead of big trash containers. This area together with 35 others were chosen for the pilot project of separate household waste collecting, which aim is to gain experience in order to establish a comprehensive system of ecological solid waste management in the City of Opatija, Liburnija and hinterland harmonized with the Law on sustainable waste management and European best practices. The project is in compliance with the new Law on Sustainable Waste Management and other legal acts.

Two bins will be used for helpful and useful waste. Which bin is for which type of waste? See the picture below:


In accordance with the plan of waste management of the City of Opatija the system “door to door” was established. Specifically, this means that every household receives two bins for separate waste collection standing in the private possession (not used public area) and the waste is taken from each user.

What is your opinion on the system “door to door”? Write to fermaj@zmergo.hr

The timetable of waste collection:

Neighbourhood Day of waste collection
Andretići*, Aničići, Babiloni, Korići, Menderi, Strmica, Šori, Šmiti (dio), Puhari* Monday
Falalelići, Jakusi, Jurovići, Katinići, Ladeti, Poljane, Sveti Petar, Šmiti (dio), Vlašići, Zubinići Tuesday
Balači, Boni, Gašparići, Guštići, Kalina, Maćuki, Pehji, Perinići, Stari grad, Šavroni, Travičići, Tumpići Thursday
Kolavići, Slavići*,Vedež, Zagrad, Zatka Friday

For more information call 051 505 225 or write to info.otpad@komunalac-opatija.hr www.komunalac-opatija.hr