First Žmergo’s Ecological Fairs of 2016 on 2nd April

Žmergo’s Ecological Fairs are coming back to Opatija with the first signs of the spring!


On Saturday, April 2nd, 2016, in front of the Opatija’s market from 8 to 13:30 o’clock for the first time this year 19 ecological producers will gather in order to make the shopping buskets greener. The wide variety of natural produced vegetables, fruits, olive oil, pumpkin oil, honey, milk products, grains, bread, cosmetics and many more will be presented to all eco lovers who were waiting all winter for eco fairs come back.

Association Žmergo invites all desirous of a scent of spring with fresh ingredients to come to Opatija.

Žmergo’s Ecological Fairs is part of the Žmergo’s Ecological Center project, which is implemented with the financial support of the City of Opatija.

Producers Products
OPG BROLICH (ARONIJA) aronia products: juice, tea, seedlings
KMETIJA ŽGAJNAR milk, yogurt, cheese, skuta, cream, butter, kefir
OPG EKO HUJIĆ vegetables, tomato juice, ajvar, ajvar, pinđur, sataraš)
OPG RADOJKO DIDULICA aronia and rakijas
 OPG PINTAR milk, homemade cheeses, apple products, liqueres
OPG MEDIĆ aronija: juice, dried berries, tea, powder, jam
OPG KOMIĆ cosmetic and medicinal purpose food, medicinal herbs, honey and olive oil
DEMETRA integral bread, muffins, croassants
OPG KRUŠVAR integral bread and flour
OPG KOMPARIĆ figa jams
OPG ANDREJA PETROVIĆ pumpkin products
FARMA GEJA vegetables, wine, olice oil, lavender oil
SVIJET KONOPLJE products of cannabis
OPG LOBODA vegetables, fruits, seedlings, juices
 SMID vegetable products
 OPG MERKAŠ eco pruducts of apples, apple vinegar, syrop of bazga, kopriva, wines, rakijas
 OPG STIPANČIĆ  lavender products: eteric oil, aroma bags, air refreshner, massage oil, bath salt