The Noble Box

Christmas is the time of year when people especially feel the need to help others, give presents to whom they are close as well as share what they own with the poor. Especially just before Christmas people also start to notice those who have less. Usually the aid offered to such people is money. The easiest, the fastest and the most convenient way.

We would like to tell you about the amazing project, in which people are become heroes that change the world around them. Let’s move 1000 kilometers north to the cold country of Poland. Right now in all the media the very top topic is Szlachetna Paczka. The translation into English is Noble Box and it is a project running from 2001 in order to provide aid to struggling families during Christmas holidays. You might think it is another charity gathering money for poor people, however the idea of Szlachetna Paczka has a different dimension.

How does it work? Firstly, volunteers from all around Poland identify families that found themselves in a difficult financial situation because of the reasons that are beyond their control. Volunteers visit them and find out what they need the most. Besides basic necessities there is also a space for special dreams…new bed, watch, perfumes. Later on, families are carefully selected based on the project requirements, while making sure that the help will not demoralize or hurt them.

From November, the story of every chosen family is available in an anonymous database on the website of the organization together with the list of their needs. People who have a wish to help, chose one family from the database and prepare a package for them. People can act as individuals, as families or as a group of friends.

Between December the 7th and 8th, the donors deliver completed boxes to a warehouse. Once the box has been processed, it is taken and directly delivered to the chosen family. And that’s where the magic happens! Joy, excitement, tears, gratitude…

The idea of Noble Box is to help wisely  – providing direct aid in a way that it is effective, concrete and meaningful,  but also giving hope and an impulse to act to the families that are struggling.

This year Szlachetna Paczka helped and assisted 20 771 families – all available in the database! Last year a total aid value reached EUR 8,000,000!

Let the magic happen!