A new generation

They are everywhere, although you cannot see them. To the society they are almost invisible. If you don’t disturb them, they don’t react. They are calm and moderate kind that little by little mulitply themselves.

Most commonly they can be recognised in supermarkets (reading every  label) and in restaurants (asking the waiter about every ingredient of the meal).

Yes, they are the people who are allergic or have the intolerance to various substances like for example gluten, lactose, eggs, seafood, nuts and numerous other kinds of stuff  that scare the stomach and the immune system of this group of people. It may sound funny to put it  this way, but for them the  reality is quite different.  A little scare is the least that can happen, for some it can also be a truly life threatening experience, so serious could be their condition. It seems that nowadays human bodies do not function as well as before.


And  restaurants are becoming  crazy trying to meet the needs of such clients and offer different adequate menus for a reasonable price. Because belonging to this group also means that in most cases one needs to spend quite a lot of money when buying product free of whatever strikes you personally.

It appears strange that suddenly, so many people demonstrate so much  intolerances and allergies when promotion of  Eco products and good eating habits is so inn. But this is the precise  point why we need to promote it. All the chemicals, conservants, colorants and addictive substances which make every product more attractive and tasty is the example of how, little by little, human beings are  destroying themselves. So we must be aware and value healthy and balanced diet.