Christmas Tastes of  island Krk

Christmas is one of the most beautiful christian holidays only a short while away now. Just like everywhere else during festive seasons, the people from Krk celebrate it with special food, characteristic for their region and made for this occasion.  So you will be welcomed with a glass of schnapps and dry figs and for lunch you will eat special kind of pasta, called šurlice, served for lunch to accompany goulash made with venison or boar. After the lunch along with a cup of coffee  walnut loaf is served as a desert.

Everyone is excited about this time of the year and tables full of tasty food. As this is the season when people give each gifts, for our readers here is a gift of a recipe for šurlice. This type of pasta is specific for Krk and many families have their own little secrets as how to make “the best” šurlice in the world. It is a special pasta made with lots of love for special occasions.

Here is the basics:

1 kg of wheat flower    

½ butter ( 125 g)

½ l hot water


Mix the flower with butter and a bit of salt and gradually add DSC04427hot water. Knead the dough well into a firm mass and roll it out on a flowered surface as not to stick,  form it into a cylinder, something like for gnocchi, and cut. Perforate with a thin flowered wooden stick each piece of dough and gently roll it in your palms and then extract the stick. Let is rest for a couple of hours in a cool place. Cook in salty boiling water for about 15 min.

Enjoy !