Neli as a volunteer in Germany

It has been already 2 months, since Neli Španjol started to volunteer in the organisation Mensa am Schulzentrum Erbach e.V in Erbach. Now she is sharing with us her first impressions.
“My name is Neli Španjol and I am a new volunteer in Germany in the small city of Erbach. I work in the garden with children as well as in the cantine. On September 3rd, 2015, I arrived to my new apartment, which I share with my flatmate from Hungary. Honestly, I had not expected a lot, but since I arrived, I have been positively surprised.

The apartment is well equiped, located near my working place. We even received bicycles! First two weeks we spend on registration, getting to know our work, city and people. To my surprise, I got used to the new culture very quick, whose contribution are our hosts from Germany, who are very friendly and helpful in our adaptation. I am delighted with the organization in the cantine, where the working staff consists of volunteers, parents as well as pupils themselves, who come to the cantine every day instead of few hours of classes in order to help and thus they are all included in the community.

My job is mainly in the garden, where together with children and teachers we plant, dig, do creative projects like for example  wreaths or frames for spiders. Pupils of a different age have few hours of classes in  the garden.
I have learned a lot during those 2 months spend in Germany. In the cantine, I have learned how to work fast, effective and organised, while in the garden, I teach through games about the nature and food, which is verz important in the life of every person. Besides that, I have my own teacher of German, who teaches us the language! Right now, we are preparing for the arrival training in Berlin, where I can share my first experiences and impressions with other volunteers from all over Europe, who are EVS volunteers in Germany.
I am looking forward next moths with a lot of enthusiasm and I believe that I will improve this year in many aspects. Therefore, I am really thankful for the opportunity that was given to me and which is avaiable for all the young people, who want to do something good and useful for themselves and for the community.”

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